Frank Caliendo: The Master of Voices Finds His Own

You are no doubt familiar with comedian Frank Caliendo’s work. You have seen him on the Fox Network, Mad TV, Fox NFL Sunday, Frank TV on TBS and more. His impressions of John Madden, President Donald Trump, Jeff Goldblum, Ted Knight, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neesen, and countless others have also made him a semi-regular on […]

Sh*t with Britt: Summer Lovin’

Shit with Britt: Summer Lovin

Not sure why I gave this show the Summer Lovin’ title, except it was a summer night and Britt, Tiffany and I tackled all kinds of topics including love. All kinds of love; self love, royal love (royal wedding), relationship love, fantasy love, you get the idea. We also discuss dieting and how Britt likes […]

Al Unser Jr & Gabby Chaves: Racing and the World Cup

Gabby Chaves, Kristi Lee, Al Unser jr

Try interviewing two Indy Car drivers when one of them is from Columbia and Columbia is taking on England in the World Cup on the TV above your head! I had the honor of doing just that with todays show featuring two time INDY 500 winner Al Unser Jr and INDY car driver Gabby Chaves. […]

Clayton Anderson: Making it in the Music Business

Clayton Anderson

From a small town in southern Indiana to opening for Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban, Clayton Anderson is taking on country music. It hasn’t been an easy battle and he continues to fight but Clayton has the talent, drive and likability to make it big! Although he didn’t pick up a guitar until his senior […]

WNAP Alumni: The Wrath of the Buzzard Returns

The Wrath of the Buzzard

If you grew up in Central Indiana in the 70’s and 80’s you probably listened to WNAP. Cris Connor and his band of rebel “djs” changed the radio landscape and left a mark on many a listener. I would be one. I was in high school when I first heard “the Wrath of the Buzzard”. […]

Judi Powers: Jewelry Designs Inspired by Nature

Judi Powers with Kristi Lee

After spending many years in the corporate world jewelry designer Judi Powers was ready for a change. She enrolled in a jewelry making class in 2002 and found her true passion. Judi has taken classes at 92Y, Jewelry Arts Institute, S.V.A. (School of Visual Arts in NYC), Brooklyn Metal Works and Studio Jewelers. In 2013 […]

Dr. Sadie Allison helps you Tickle your Kitty

Kristi Lee with Saddie Allison

As a doctor in human sexuality Sadie Allison has spent her career helping others find pleasure. What started as “free” advice in high school has led to her authoring 7 books and a thriving online retail store for adult “novelties”. Sadie shares with us how her mission began to help others in the bedroom. With […]

Marilene Isaacs Kauffman: Shaking Up Her Karma

Kristi Lee with Marilene Isaacs Kauffman

Karma, Dharma, Dali Lama, Free Will, Unconditional Love just a few of the terms we will cover on this weeks show. Marilene is a world renowned clairvoyant, intuitive therapist, spiritual healer and a long time friend. Her career includes features on popular radio programs including Chick McGee’s Podcast and documentaries. She has also hosted multiple […]

IN State Senator Jim Merritt: The War on Heroin and Opioids

Kristi Lee with Jim Merritt

We are scratching the surface on a tough topic in this episode, Opioids and Heroin addiction with Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt. Senator Merritt has undertaken the huge job of trying to kill heroin use in 5 years in his state of Indiana. He is 2 years into his fight and we talk about how […]

Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Matis: Lessons in Bob & Tom History

Dog and Kristi

Kristi has alluded to the fact that her mom has recently gone through a difficult time and that has meant an increase in her time away from the podcast. Plus we are honoring Morty’s Comedy Joint, which always holds a special place in our heart because it hosted the first Kristi Lee Uninterrupted Live Show […]

Auggie Smith: The “Most of Life is Good” Comedian

Auggie Smith

I have known our guest this week for many years. Going back to his first appearance on The Bob & Tom Show and then again on the road with The Bob & Tom Comedy Tour. Auggie Smith has changed a lot. The man who exposed me to the wonders of a good chocolate martini and […]

Loni Love

Loni Love with Kristi Lee

Who doesn’t love an inspirational story? My guest this week has an incredible story. Loni Love started working on the line in a GM plant in Detroit while still in high school. There she found a passion for electrical engineering, which landed her a scholarship to Prairie View A&M University in Texas. While in Texas, […]

Stutz Artists: Debra, Laura & Jodie

From left to right: Debra Fadely-Raber, Laura LaForge, me, and Jodie Bailey

There are so many talented people occupying this planet. On a recent Friday I was able to sit down with 3. Debra Fadely-Raber, Laura LaForge and Jodie Bailey represent just a few of the contributors to the Stutz Artists Open House April 27th and 28th in downtown Indianapolis. Each of these women has a specialty. […]

Sh*t with Britt: Waxing, Panties, Millennials and More

Britt, Kristi Lee, Tiffany

For those of you familiar with Britt, Tiffany and I getting together on a semi-regular basis then this weeks show will not be a surprise. If you are new, hang on! A recent Friday evening found the three of us in Tiffany’s beautiful new kitchen sipping wine. Out of the gate Britt starts with her […]

Jimmy Pardo: A Funny Man Doing Great Things!

Kristi Lee and Jimmy Pardo

On a recent Saturday I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my comedic heroes, Jimmy Pardo. Jimmy has appeared on “The Tonight Show”, “Conan”, “ The Late, Late, Show” and had his own special on “Comedy Central”. His signature crowd work (go see him LIVE!) led him to be Conan’s opening act […]

Driver Kristian Aleixo: Racing Towards His Dream

Kristian Aleixo

We all know racing families like Unser, Andretti, and Foyt. What happens when you don’t come from one of those families or have the means to get a “ride” in the million dollar sport of auto racing? Kristian Aleixo shares with us the struggles of being an up and coming professional race car driver. His […]

Henry Phillips: Comedy, Movies, Music & More!

Henry Phillips and Kristi Lee

Multi-talented performer Henry Phillips grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a pretty normal suburban neighborhood with parents who are both actors. An accomplished touring stand up comic with critically acclaimed comedy albums. Henry’s career actually started as a singer/songwriter. We find out how he morphed that into a stand up act. Growing […]

Drew Storen: Making it in the Big Leagues!

Kristi Lee and Drew Storen

Drew Storen is one of only 6% of athletes who sign a deal to play baseball to make into the “Big Leagues”. As a relief pitcher he has played for the Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds. Currently he is rehabbing successful Tommy John Surgery and hopes to be pitching […]

Paddy G! Comedian Pat Godwin

Comedian Pat Godwin and Kristi Lee

The Bob & Tom Show favorite Pat Godwin joins us this week. Pat began singing and writing songs as a young man growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania. In his 20’s he was performing in and around Philadelphia where he caught the attention of veteran comedian Todd Glass. Todd found Pat’s songs nice but it was […]

Jeff Boggs: One of the “Good Guys” in Hollywood!

Kristi Lee with Jeff Boggs

Jeff Boggs is a producer, writer, and sometimes actor based in Los Angeles, California. Jeff started his career with an internship on “Late Night with David Letterman” on NBC. The odds of getting an internship with Dave is slim so Jeff had an interesting way of getting “in the door”. Once there he took full […]

New Year New Britt!

Shit with Britt

Like most of our Sh*t with Britt shows I never know where they will go. This time it is no different. I supplied the soup, wine and atmosphere and we started with a “New Years Resolution” theme but quickly veer off. Like many of you losing weight and getting in shape topped the list for […]

A “Magical” chat with Justin Willman

Kristi Lee and Justin Willman

Who doesn’t love magic and magicians? My guest this week, Justin Willman is not only a talented magician he is also a stand up comic. A combination that adds up to amazing entertainment. We learn how a couple of broken arms at the age of 12 put Justin on a path to stardom. With the […]

The Unsung Hero: Dean Metcalf

Dean Metcalf and Kristi Lee

Behind all successful people are those who get little if any recognition. The Bob and Tom Show has producer Dean Metcalf. Dean joined the show as an intern in 1988 and never left.  In fact as the producer of the show his role is critical.  But just what does a producer do?  Dean will enlighten […]

The Lovely Leigh Koechner

Kristi Lee and Leigh Koechner

Sometimes life throws people into your path that leave a lasting impression. For me one of those people is Leigh Koechner. We met during an event that she was attending with her husband the wonderful actor Dave Koechner (yes, Champ from Anchorman and one of the stars of Superior Donuts on CBS). [bctt tweet=”Today is […]

Kristi Lee Dysfunctional Holiday Special Part 2

Kristi Lee Dysfunctional Holiday Special

In part two of the Kristi Lee Dysfunctional Holiday we are treated to a classic Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis joke, a Love Bros bit and a Bart and Sid. For all lovers of the Bob and Tom Show this podcast is a holiday treat! One you can enjoy anytime of the year. I would also […]

Kristi Lee Dysfunctional Holiday Special Part 1

Kristi Lee Dysfunctional Holiday Special

On a recent Thursday night in front of a sold out audience at Morty’s Comedy Club in Indianapolis I gathered some of the alumni of The Bob and Tom Show. Including retired co-host Bob Kevoian, cast members Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis, Mark Patrick, Whit Grayson, Jay Baker and Dave Dugan. Get ready for a hilarious […]

Cheers to Arthur Black

Kristi Lee, Arthur Black, Tiffany Stoner

Our favorite sommelier is back! This time Arthur is talking holiday drinks. Did you know that champagne has to come from France? Most of the “bubbles” found on store shelves in America is of the sparkling wine variety. Find out which are Arthur’s favorites. The other big drink now is bourbon. We talk bourbon and […]

The Ultimate Speaker: Scott McKain

Kristi Lee and Scott McKain

Ooh that voice so distinct and smooth! World renowned motivational and business speaker Scott McKain is my guest this week. Scott has a remarkable ability to captivate and motivate anyone. With a passion for business and bestselling books to back him up, Scott wows crowds with his dynamic presentations. We learn how he has become […]

Holiday Britt

Kristi, Britt and Tiffany

Britt, Tiffany and I are back with another fabulous edition of Sh*t with Brit. This episode lands us in Tiffany’s newly renovated kitchen (very jealous) complete with yummy snacks and plenty of prosecco. We start by talking about one of Tiffany’s sons, Gage, who is 13 and waiting for his mom to turn back on […]

Ron Sexton is “Donnie Baker”

Donnie Baker and Kristi Lee

I hate to break this to some of you but Donnie Baker isn’t real. There I said it! He is however, the brainchild of the talented stand up comic and professional broadcaster, Ron Sexton. On the podcast we find out how Ron began his career. He didn’t just jump into calling The Bob and Tom […]

Your Honor the Mayor, Comedian Drew Hastings!

Drew Hastings and Kristi Lee

Drew Hastings’ road to politics was gravel and a bit bumpy. After spending 13 years in Hollywood he yearned for a less hectic life. He returned to Ohio were he had spent his formative years. But instead of a big city like Cincinnati or Cleveland he decided to buy a small farm in rural Hillsboro. […]

The “Legendary” Ace Cosby!

Ace Cosby and Kristi Lee

Since the early 80’s Ace Cosby has been a staple in the lives of many rock and roll radio fans. He dominated the airwaves in central Indiana for over 30 years. Not only was he an amazing radio air personality, music director and assistant program director he was a great friend to many of the […]

“Live Adventurously” with Kate and Danielle Nolan

Kate Nolan, Kristi Lee, Danielle Wolter Nolan

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?“ I heard those words for the first time in a documentary at the Heartland Film Festival entitled “Live Adventurously” featuring Kate Nolan and her wife Danielle Wolter-Nolan. Together they own and run a company called DNK Presents which takes everyday folks on the […]

Vince Todd: Heroes Foundation

Vince Todd and Kristi Lee

Let’s face it cancer SUCKS! In one way or another we have all been effected by this horrible disease. My guest this week has lived through some of the scariest words ever uttered: “you have cancer”. Vince Todd was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease (a blood cancer) at the tender age of 26. He shares with […]

Dugans Aren’t Losers

Kristi Lee and Dave Dugan

Dave Dugan, probably best known as the voice Bart McAlister as well as many other characters from the Bob & Tom Show over the years, joins us in the studio. We talk how he began his radio career, what led him to LA for comedy and voiceover work, his entrance to the Bob & Tom […]

Therapy with Dr Will Miller

Kristi Lee and Dr. Will Miller with their new Cars

I don’t know about you but I have been in a bit of a funk lately. When that happens I call on Dr. Will Miller! Sit in on my “free” session. We discuss the horrible tragedies that have been occurring nationwide. How do we cope with “bad news” that is forced upon us from every […]

The “Show” Goes on with Bill Scheft

Bill Scheft

You may know him from The Late Show with David Letterman where Bill Scheft served as a writer for 24 years. However, there is much more to this brilliant former stand up comedian. I spoke with Bill recently via Skype from his home in NYC and we had a lot to catch up on. Since […]

Take me away: Sh*t with Britt!

Shit with Britt

Let’s face it every now and then it we need an escape.  I give you myself, Tiffany and of course Britt.  This show was recorded on a Friday complete with pizza and beer!  Some of the subjects we discuss, life hacks, cooking, my ever growing fascination with cars and the Royal Family.  Did you know […]

Welcome to the Party with Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn

In between two shows, we were able to catch up with Comedian Greg Hahn, a frequent guest on The BOB & TOM Show and is a completely unique comedian. His energy is notorious. A former Marine, we talk about what it was like coming from military life to become a comic. The steps in between, […]

GNO: Girls Night Out!

Girls Night Out with Kristi Lee

I recently had the opportunity to drag out the microphones on a Girls Night Out. 7 of my best girlfriends and I met up at a local Mexican restaurant. After, several rounds of margaritas the inhibitions were lowered and some pretty funny stories emerged. (and yes we took Uber-DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE) We discuss, […]

Ron Capps: Funny Car World Champ, Fun Guy!

Ron Capps is the current NHRA FC World Champion in the NAPA Auto Parts Dodge Charger R/T! A crown that eluded him 4 times before 2016. One of the only titles he has still not claimed is the US Nationals Title. This year, 2017, I sat down with Ron in the NAPA Auto Parts trailer […]

Rabbit aka: Ms Pat

Ms Pat

Comedienne Ms Pat has lived a life most of us cannot even fathom. She grew up in Georgia at the height of the crack epidemic with an alcoholic mother and a father who was not around. Sexually abused as a child, pregnant at the age of 13 and the mother of two by 15. Pat […]

The Big Fight with Lamon Brewster along with John King

Lamon Brewster with Kristi Lee and John King

Boxing vs MMA! We preview the upcoming Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor fight with former heavyweight champ Lamon Brewster and his business partner John King. Brewster and King met when both were fighting in the 1991 National Golden Gloves. While King went into the business side of things Lamon continued to box. He won his […]

Sh*t With Britt: Back to School

Shit with Britt Feet

Normally when Britt, Tif and I get together its hardly serious.  This week is different.  Tiffany lived through every parents nightmare a few weeks ago.  She goes into great detail about the night her oldest son ended up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning.  This could happen to any of us at any point in our children’s […]

Chris “Lights Out” Lytle

Chris Lytle and Kristi Lee

This former MMA Champion has now become a champion for others. Chris fills us in on a career that began in 1993 as a UFC fighter and also included a stint in boxing. A journey that earned him multiple championships and honors. Find out what it takes to compete at this level. Also Chris compares […]

Sports and More with Jake Query

Kristi Lee and Jake Query

I am back… with radio sports host and reporter for the IndyCar Series, Jake Query. Jake is one half of the Query and Schultz show which is heard weekdays from 3p-7p on the iHeart Radio app or if you live near the Indianapolis area, Fox Sports 97.5 and WNDE 1260. Wether he is hosting his […]

Throwback: Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Matis

Dog and Kristi

While Kristi is back from vacation, I, her humble producer, am not. Since I am the cause of this week’s episode not being new, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite throwback episodes where we talk with Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Matis. It’s one of my favorites because I worked with Jimmy […]

Ron Jeremy: Porn, Piano, Ponderosa & Spies

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy the #1 Porn Star of All Time joins me this week. Ron’s career in adult cinema began in 1978 and he continues to work in the business today. One of those appearances happens on July 15th and 16th 2017 at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn In. Ron, along with other celebrities, are […]

Kane Hodder: Jason Scares Me

Kane Hodder, Kristi Lee, Josh Arnold

I am quick to admit I have never seen a Friday the 13th movie. However, that didn’t stop me from sitting down with the man, who many feel is the best actor to ever portray Jason Voorhees, Kane Hodder. For this episode I brought along my cohort and horror movie expert Josh Arnold to share […]

REBROADCAST: Talking Shit with Britt

Shit with Britt Threesome Chest

Every now and then the time comes when we have no show for the week. Guest falls through, Kristi breaks her ankle, or some other act of God. Although we take great pains to try and release a new show every week sometimes it just isn’t possible. So as a throw back to meeting Britt… […]

John Evans: Comedian, Thrifter, Sober

John Evans and Kristi Lee

John Evans began comedy in Tulsa Oklahoma back in 1996. Since that first open mic he moved to Minneapolis, LA, and Pittsburgh. Along the way he has had countless comedy club dates, performed on Live at Gotham and was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. However, his biggest stage is the one he stepped […]

The Latest Member of the BOB & TOM staff, Jeff Oskay

Jeff Oskay

Meet the newest member of the Bob and Tom Show family, Jeff Oskay! Jeff has worn many hats in his career, but the most important is that of DAD! On this Father’s Day week we celebrate all dads by discussing Jeff’s experience being a single dad or as he says “single parent”. Ok sure we […]

Shit with Britt: Waffles and Topples

Shit with Britt Feet

Good news, Britt and Tiffany are back! Bad news, we did this show sober. That doesn’t mean it is PG oh no… We start out innocent enough talking about high school graduations, teaching children about money, our credit score competition and more. Then work our way up to what Britt wants in a man, Mother’s […]

Paranormal Karen (Rontowski) the Standup Comedian

A self proclaimed “gypsy”, Karen is a marvelous Stand up comic, Paranormal Investigator, Tarot Card Reader, and Reiki Master. We talk about all of the above in this weeks podcast. I have never taken so many notes while talking to a guest. From being a cigarette girl in Vegas to stand up stages around the […]

THE Jeff Vibbert

Kristi Lee with Jeff Vibbert

After 4 years (it seemed like 1), my favorite employee of The Bob and Tom Show has decided to move on. Jeff Vibbert came to us as a kid fresh out of college with a dream. We hear about his aspirations and goals as an up and coming comedian who has taken a detour on […]

The Dark Stylings of Comedian Carmen Lynch

Carmen Lynch

My love for comedy and wonderful comedians continues with my guest this week the talented Carmen Lynch.  Her professional credits include:  Conan, Inside Amy Shumer, The Late Show with David Letterman and more.  Carmen has an interesting background having spent many of her formative years living in Barcelona Spain, her mothers home.  The story of […]

Miserable at Work with Kristi Lee and Dr. Will

Kristi Lee and Dr. Will Miller with their new Cars

Are you miserable at work and think it is the job. Think again! Dr. Will Miller is back to talk about his new book “Miserable @ Work”. Ok, maybe you are not miserable. In fact you may enjoy WHAT you are doing but are still depressed and dissatisfied when on the job. Dr. Will Miller […]

KISS and Grand Funk Railroad’s Bruce Kulick and Wife Lisa Kulick

Bruce Kulick and Lisa Kulick

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with former Kiss and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick and his lovely wife Lisa recently. What transpired may be a surprise to hard core Kiss fans or classic rock fans of GFR. Seems the Kulick’s have a fondness for the songs of The Great American […]


Kristi Lee & Marc Maron

I planned to have a new show ready this week; however, due to my leg, a new cast (pictured), and probably a bit of the meds, I’m revisiting my talk with Marc Maron in a Bloomington hotel room. It was an interview that I enjoyed doing and there was so many interesting things we talked about that it’s worth a second listen. Marc takes us through his many ups and downs in life and he is on a BIG up right now. We chat about the stand up process, how this whole comedy thing started, and happiness.

REBROADCAST: Josh Arnold the Latest Edition

Josh Arnold and Kristi Lee

Let’s get to the know the newest member of The Bob and Tom Show, Josh Arnold! After “guest hosting” for the past few month it’s official, comedian Josh Arnold has been hired full time to round out the cast of The Bob and Tom Show which also consists of Tom Griswold, Chick McGee and me, Kristi Lee.

Murder? with Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

A mysterious death connected to the JFK assassination is the subject of a new book by author, attorney, legal analyst and TV personality Mark Shaw. “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” focuses on the career and death of What’s My Line? TV star, celebrated journalist and revered investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen.

Concert Promoter Steve Gerardi

Steve Gerardi with Kristi Lee

Most of us have been to a concert, not many of us have made it a career. My guest has the envious job of being up close and personal with the top entertainment acts and bands of our time. Meet Steve Gerardi. Steve has worked in the concert business since the early 80’s. A passion that started with his first concert, Edgar Winter, at the age of 15.

Life and Death with Dr. Will and Dr. Sally

Dr Will Miller with Sally Miller and Henry

Most of you are familiar with therapist, keynote speaker, professor and former stand up comedian Dr. Will Miller. He was the first guest I ever had on my podcast and you may have heard him on one of his many visits to The Bob and Tom Show; However, his wife Dr. Sally Miller is just as engaging and interesting and she joins us today as well.

Circling Around the Biscuit with Britt

Shit with Britt Threesome Chest

It’s been awhile but Britt and Tiffany are back! I have to admit this show has a little bit of something for everyone and a lot of something for a few.

Jimmy Ryser and That Same Old Look

Jimmy Ryser wide

In 1990 you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing “Same Old Look” by Jimmy Ryser. Fast forward to 2017 and Jimmy has changed to Jim and his “look” is anything but the same. The musician, known for other top charting songs like “Rain Came” and who played with John Mellancamp, Tracy Chapman, and Hall and Oates, is now the Director of the Chronic Pain and Chemical Dependence programs at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.

Addicted to Jim Ryser

Jim Ryser with Kristi Lee

Jim, himself 17 yrs sober from any mood altering drug including alcohol, has left rock and roll to help others with addiction, mainly to prescribed opioids. With a heroine epidemic touching many of our lives this subject is one that is top of mind. And a calling that hits VERY close to home.

The Soulful Stylings of Tad Robinson

Tad Robinson

When the blues sound this good you will want them all the time! Singer Tad Robinson has been nominated for 8 Blues Music Awards so far in his career.

ESPN, Super Bowls, Racing and Terry Lingner

Terry Lingner

You may not recognize his face or even remember seeing his name in the credits but my guest today has been behind many televised sporting events and documentaries. Including, The Verizon Indy Car Series for NBCSN, The Indy 500, NASCAR, X Games, The Olympic Games, College Football, NBA, Super Bowls and many more.

Keeping the Resolution with Joe Boggs

Joe Boggs with Kristi Lee

So you made a resolution to “get lean in 2017”. How are you doing? Maybe you haven’t even started, maybe you have fallen off a bit… Well, today’s show will hopefully help keep you motivated or get you motivated to begin a new fitness lifestyle. I have invited my own personal trainer Joe Boggs to join me in discussing what it takes to “be fit”.

Rovin’ on the Bog with Henry Phillips

Henry Phillips

The most creative, talented guy I know who hasn’t made it big in show business, yet! Comedian Henry Phillips has been a favorite on The Bob and Tom Show and the Friends of Bob and Tom Comedy Tours for years.

Letterman and Chill with Comedian Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin with Kristi Lee

Smart, Talented, and Funny! Just a few adjectives to describe this weeks guest, Comedian Nick Griffin, a veteran of Conan, The Late Late Show, Comedy Central and 11 appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman stops by the podcast!

The Manish Boy Ralph Harris

Ralph Harris

Ralph Harris brings his hilarious, infectious and warm personality to the podcast this week. His credits are many: DREAMGIRLS with Jamie Foxx and Beyonce, EVAN ALMIGHTY, ON OUR OWN, (which can be seen in syndication on TVOne), SEINFELD, THE PARENT ‘HOOD, LIVING SINGLE, IN LIVING COLOR, THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JAY LENO, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN and more. He has had specials on HBO AND COMEDY CENTRAL. And is a regular guest on THE BOB AND TOM SHOW.

Dr. Rob and Hanging Out with Orangutans

Rob Shumaker with Kristi Lee

Step into the world of the Orangutan with Indianapolis Zoo Executive Vice President and Zoo Director, Dr. Robert Shumaker, PH.D. Dr Shumaker or as we like to call him Dr. Rob is one of the foremost authorities on primate behavior, including the cognitive abilities of the highly intelligent orangutan.

Brad Williams Brings Fun Sized Comedy to the Podcast

Kristi with Brad Williams

Get ready to be “knocked out” by my guest this week. He may only stand 4ft 4in tall but comedian Brad Williams packs quite a talented punch. Brad’s comedy specials for Showtime, “Fun Size” and “Daddy Issues” and tours with the likes of Carlos Mencia have catapulted him to the best of the best in the comedy world. He also co-hosts a podcast with comedian Adam Ray called “About Last Night”.

Party Guy Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer carrying Kristi Lee

I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2017 than with comedian Bert Kreischer! He is the most energetic, happy, enthusiastic person I have ever met. His genuine passion for his work is palatable. Bert began his rise to fame by being the “party guy” at Florida State University.

REBROADCAST: The Retired Bob Kevoian with Whit Grayson

Kristi Lee with Bob Kevoian

This podcast was the best of the year. It was my first and strongest to date. I am sharing it again for those who loved it the first time and for those of you who may have missed it. The special guest: retired radio hall of famer, Bob Kevoian with his writing partner and long time voice artist (one of the Love Brothers) Whit Grayson recorded at Bob’s secret home studio. Hard to believe it’s been one year since Bob decided to retire from The Bob and Tom Show.

The Pillars of Comedy with Dave Dyer

Dave Dyer

If you are a regular listener to The Bob and Tom Show then my guest is no stranger. Dave Dyer hails from Michigan and has distinguished himself in the world of comedy as both a writer and stand up. He has written for Bill Maher on ABC’s Politically Incorrect and Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. He is a theater major from Michigan State and has also played drums in a band.

Holiday Sh*t with Britt

Holiday Shit with Britt

Tis the holiday season and along with it go the pressures of family, gift giving, traditions and more. What better way to talk about the stresses and fun of the holiday season than with Tiffany and your favorite guest, Britt. She’s back and she’s been laid on this Holiday edition of Shit with Britt.

Getting NAKD with Kristi Lee and Nate Davis

Kristi Lee and Nate Davis of NAKD

Excited to share with you a hot new band out of Atlanta NAKD! This trio features Frontman Nate Davis, Guitarist and Singer Davey Heritier, and the fabulous DJ/Producer DJ Krillz. Speaking for the group Nate Davis shares the origins of their “Soulful Street Pop” sound that combines pop riffs and hooks, passionate Motown-influenced vocals and the energy of EDM.

Revving Up with Comedian Adam Ferrara

Adam Ferrara with the Bob & Tom Show

Sure Adam Ferrara is a top notch stand up comic and an amazing actor but his is also a “good man”. After you listen to this episode you will understand exactly what I mean. We chat about his career which includes 3 Comedy Central Specials, working along side his best friend Dennis Leary on the Emmy nominated “Rescue Me” and countless other roles in movies and television.

Ian Bagg Take Two

Ian Bagg

Haling from the small isolated Canadian town of Terrace, my guest today has made a big name for himself in comedy. Ian Bagg shares with us his journey through Canada into the United States all in the name of making people laugh. His stand up has come a long way from his first open mic, where all of his jokes that were written on his hands melted away in his nervous sweat, to one of the finalist on “Last Comic Standing”

Swap-Cast with Chad Zumock

Chad Zumock

Comedian Chad Zumock joins me on the podcast! Chad is from Cleveland and a HUGE Cleveland sports fan. We will touch on the World Series, the Cavaliers Championship and Chad’s most prized possession, which happens to be sports related but NOT from a Cleveland team.

Team Lazy Eye with Shaun Latham

Shaun Latham with Kristi Lee

Shaun Latham is a standup comic, foodie, world traveler, self proclaimed “King of Useless Talents” and the Leader of “Team Lazy Eye”. On today’s show we explore each of those topics and more. Including his stint as a corrections officer in Yuma Arizona, a friendship and working relationship with comic Gabriel Iglesias, and what it’s like to be in the world of NFL Indianapolis Colt’s punter Pat McAfee.

Killer Crimes with Comedian Pat Dixon

Pat Dixon and Kristi Lee

There are few people in the world who have almost been killed by an ex-lover. Comedian Pat Dixon is one of them and he tells us in spectacular detail about the experience. The talented Mr. Dixon was left with his life and an obsession with crime that he channels into his podcast, New York City Crime Report. He shares stories ripped straight from the New York City headlines and police blotters that are just unbelievable.

Ghostly Stories with Shaun Burris

Shaun Burris with Kristi Lee

In honor of Halloween my guest today is Shaun Burris star of the A&E Special “Extreme Paranormal” and the co-host for the past 10 years of the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show podcast. Shaun calls himself “a collector of strange experiences” in the realm of the paranormal. He shares stories of growing up in a haunted house that he and his family shared with a “woman” spirit. That experience led him on a journey of many haunted houses and spooky places across the Unites States.

All in the Family with Ex Husband Adam Ritz and Dr. Will Miller

Adam Ritz, Ava, Sophie, Kristi

Even if you are not a divorced parent I can bet you know one or two. We live in an age when divorce is almost the norm for many parents and children. I brought my ex-husband Adam Ritz and Psychotherapist/Emotional Wellness Expert Dr. Will Miller in to discuss how to coparent more effectively.

Rudy and Hoosiers with Angelo Pizzo and David Anspaugh

David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo

30 years ago a little film about high school basketball in Indiana made it to the big screen. No one could have predicted the impact the movie “Hoosiers” would have on moviegoers to this day not even the two men responsible, Emmy award winning Director David Anspaugh and screenwriter/producer Angelo Pizzo. The 1986 classic went on to garner two Oscar nominations one for Dennis Hopper for Best Supporting Actor and for Best Original Score for composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Pete the Planner

Pete the Planner with Kristi Lee

You may be an avid reader of his column in USA Today. You may have seen him on Good Morning America. Heck, maybe you have read one of his TEN books! Pete the Planner is a seriously funny guy about a serious topic…finances! He makes often dreaded and scary topics such as ‘financial security’ and ‘saving for the future’ fun and interesting to discuss…which is precisely what he did with Kristi Lee.

Comedian Bob Zany

Kristi Lee with Bob Zany

Bob Zany is a legend in the world of comedy. He began his career at the tender age of 15 when he auditioned for the Gong Show and he hasn’t looked back.

Speed Chalk Artist with ADHD

Kristi Lee with Tiffany Stoner and Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn not only had a difficult time sitting still in school but concentrating on what his teachers were instructing. As a young boy, he was mis-diagnosed with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. It wasn’t until he became a young adult that the picture became clearer…he had ADHD! He struggled consistently through school (until he took an art class), and finally left a college basketball scholarship to pursue his love of art and public speaking.

Chris McKinney and the Irsay Collection

Chris McKinney

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has one of the most impressive collections of Rock n Roll memorabilia. The man with the distinct honor of taking care of and adding to that collection is Mr. Chris McKinney.

Edwin the Duck

Don Inmon, Kristi Lee, Edwin the Duck, Matt MacBeth

If you enjoy watching Shark Tank, if you love hearing how big ideas started out small, if you can appreciate the hard work and tenacity of an entrepreneur, then you will LOVE the podcast with the creators of Edwin the Duck, Matt MacBeth and Don Inmon.

Secrets with Al Jackson and Kristi Lee

Kristi Lee and Al Jackson

In exchange for a ride to the airport, Comedian Al Jackson sat down and dished on the podcast. We find out how a man with a graduate degree and about to go to med school decided on a life of comedy. He reminisces about the early days at the Miami Improv that shaped him into the awesome talent he has become.

Shit with Britt 4

Shit Britt Wine

After a summer of frolicking on the beach in bikinis, they’re back. Well, Britt is back. And, really, we all know her well enough to know she was topless on the beach. And just as you would expect they have some catching up to do.

Josh Arnold the Latest Edition

Josh Arnold and Kristi Lee

Let’s get to the know the newest member of The Bob and Tom Show, Josh Arnold! After “guest hosting” for the past few month it’s official, comedian Josh Arnold has been hired full time to round out the cast of The Bob and Tom Show which also consists of Tom Griswold, Chick McGee and me, Kristi Lee.

Mike Jacki and Non Traditional Sports

Mike Jacki with Kritsi Lee and Tiffany-Stoner

If nothing else, Mike Jacki, is an all-around interesting guy. And, considering he hails from the elite gymnastics world, an ‘all-arounder’ is quite an accomplishment.

Olympic Dreams with Samantha Peszek

Samantha Peszek with Tiffany Stoner and Kristi Lee

2008 Silver Medal Olympian. NCAA All-Around Champion. Hoosier turned UCLA Bruin. And now…a sports commentator. There isn’t much Samantha Peszek can’t do. She is a compact ball of energy that has a bright future ahead of her.

WTF It’s Marc Maron

Kristi Lee & Marc Maron

WTF! It’s Marc Maron. Yes, that Marc Maron. The one who has had many ups and downs in life and now is on a BIG up. I sat down with Marc in a hotel room in Bloomington, IN where he was performing at the legendary Comedy Attic. We chat about the stand up process, how this whole comedy thing started, and happiness.

2 Chicks and a Hammer of HGTV’s Good Bones

Good Bones cast Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak with Kristi Lee

Back in June I had the pleasure of sitting down with the mother-daughter house rehab team 2 Chicks and a Hammer consisting of Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak that star in their own show on HGTV called “Good Bones”. Their first season ended in May, and they are working hard now on season two. During our chat we talk about how they started in the rehabbing business, how HGTV got involved, the dynamic of working as a mother-daughter team and more…

Jerry Connor and the Art of Brewing Bier

Kristi Lee and Jerry Connor of Bier Brewery

If you are a beer drinker or have just wondered what the fuss is about all the new “craft” beers out there, this show is for you. We talk to Jerry Connor the co-founder of Bier Brewery In Indianapolis. Jerry along with his son Darren, the brewmaster, have managed to create quite a stir in the Craft Beer world.

Shit with Britt 3

Shit with Britt Threesome Chest

Britt returns to shake things up on Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. We talk about dating and shenanigans of all sort. Take a listen and enjoy the wisdom, or sometimes lack thereof, of Britt “you freshman bitches”.

Smokin’ Interview with Tony Stewart at His Home

Tony Stewart and Kristi Lee

If there is something out there that can be driven my guest has probably driven it and done it VERY VERY well. He has 3 Nascar Sprint Cup titles to his name, An IRL IndyCar Series Championship, 4 USAC Championships which is landing him this year into the USAC Hall of Fame and many more as a car owner!

President Mitch Daniels of Purdue University

Kristi Lee with Mitch Daniels

On June 15th George Will of the Washington Post wrote an op-ed piece on how “Purdue has the President that America needs”! Many agree. I happened to have the honor of sitting down with the 12th President of Purdue University and 2 term former Governor of the State of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, just about a week prior to that article.

Roy Wood Jr from Birmingham to the Big Apple

Roy Wood Jr

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. has found his calling as a correspondent on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah! He recently joined me while taking a break from headlining the Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington.

Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Matis, the Most Content Guy

Dog and Kristi

Jimmy may be a funny guy but he is happy and content with his life after 25 years with Q95 and the Bob and Tom Show. He now works for the Indianapolis Colts securing sponsors and doing off-season radio. But most of all, he feels blessed with a wife of 30 years and five boys. He enjoys entertaining in his pool house and whiffle ball field.

Memorial Weekend Special with Lt. Col. Tim Stoner

Tim and Tiffany Stoner with Kristi Lee

In the studio, Kristi Lee was joined by Tim and Tiffany Stoner of Familyprint in celebration of Memorial Day. As unique as a fingerprint, each family survives and thrives differently under challenging circumstances. Army Reservist and Bronze Star recipient Lt Col Timothy Stoner, commander of Indiana’s first Black Hawk unit in Iraq, and his wife transformed their experience of his deployment into the catalyst for efforts to pay it forward.

Truth Be Told with “The Voice” Winner Josh Kaufman

Voice Winner Josh Kaufman Singing Live in the Studio

Josh Kaufman, winner of season 6 of “The Voice” shares his biggest and most exciting news post “The Voice”… His first single “Truth be Told” is being released on Friday, May 27, but we have a sneak peak as he gives us a LIVE acoustic taste.

The Bob and Becky Show

Bob and Becky's Junebug Journeys

Take a journey with Becky Kevoian, wife of legendary Bob and Tom host Bob Kevoian, as we discuss how she ended up traveling this great country in an Airstream! We learn a bit more about the woman behind the “man” Bob! The lady who has almost 17,000 Twitter followers and loves to tweet! Her close ties with family, obsession with morel hunting, and of course trips in the June Bug documented in her blog June Bug Journeys! Throw in Bob and you will also learn the difference between clean, gray, and black water. (And it’s not just the color!) Oh and nudie trailer parks!

Kristi Lee Live with the Love Brothers

Jay Baker - Kristi Lee - Whit Grayson

Jay Baker and Whit Grayson have been around Kristi and the Bob and Tom show since the beginning of time, or so it seems. Travel back in time and listen to the stories of how the Love Brothers and many other Bob and Tom favorites were born.

Doug Boles President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Doug Boles

The Month of May in Indianapolis is exciting. But no one can deny that this year, with the 100th Anniversary, the engines are roaring even more loudly. If you are a race fan, you must listen in with Kristi Lee and Indianapolis Motor Speedway President, Doug Boles.

Arthur Black, The Drink Specialist

Kristi Lee, Arthur Black, Tiffany Stoner

You won’t have to be a wine connoisseur to thoroughly enjoy this podcast with one of Indiana’s most polarizing, young sommelier’s. His colorful commentary on spirits, wine, and travel are enlightening.

She’s Back…Shit with Britt 2

Shit with Britt Threesome Chest

Kristi Lee and Tiffany Stoner talk more Shit with Britt. Not only they do indulge in mid-afternoon Friday wine but Britt makes some bold discoveries that have to do with men and butts.

Mayor Ballard Taking a Break from Politics, Maybe Not for Long

Mayor Greg Ballard with Kristi Lee

Just like Kristi Lee is taking a break from traditional radio, Greg Ballard was in the studio discussing what keeps him busy after serving in public office for eight years as Mayor. Not only is he an avid reader but he loves to cycle along some of the very trails and bike pathways he put in place during his time as Mayor. He feels passionately about sustainable energy particularly as it pertains to transportation. In fact, he is writing a book that he hopes to have published by 2017.

Costaki Economopoulos: Mixing Comedy and the NFL

Costaki Economopolous and Kristi Lee

Joining Kristi Lee on Uniterrupted is full-time stand-up comic, Costaki Economopoulos. Kristi has always considered him a smart persons comic. In fact, she mentions that she feels like she should take a history class before going to see one of his shows. Growing up as a ‘cul-de-sac-kid’, he was a match and chess whiz which then led him to get a Master’s Degree in Political Science. However, stand up comedy was the only thing he really loved.

Jen Kober, a Self-Proclaimed Stoner

Jen Kober with Kristi Lee Featured

Comedian Jen Kober, on her recent trip to the Midwest stopped in for a wildly personal visit with Kristi Lee. She talked about her tour, working with Kevin Hart, and her recent appearances on The Mindy Project and Anger Management.

Chris Bowers Has it All

Kristi Lee and Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers has it all…well he has all he needs which was an important lesson to learn in his 40s. After throwing most of his belongings away in a move, he now owns two pairs of shoes, hasn’t eaten a vegetable or fruit since 1996 and hasn’t been sick in 15 years (of course, that is not including the occasional hang over). According to Chris, he lives a perfectly happy vagabond life.

Talking Shit with Britt

Shit with Britt Threesome Chest

WARNING: NOT FOR THE WORKPLACE.Our friend, who will go by the name Britt for the podcasts, is raw and funny whether she is describing the “grey” dating area she finds herself in after her recent divorce or the act of butt chugging. The bottom line is she likes her boobs.

New Beginnings with Dr. Will Miller

Kristi Lee and Dr Will Selfie

Kristi Lee brings in Dr. Will for a frank discussion on Kristi’s new situation. They talk about life after a big change. Kristi’s transition from the Bob and Tom Show into her next challenge.

The Retired Bob Kevoian with Whit Grayson

Kristi Lee and Bob Kevoian

Kristi Lee’s special guest is the now retired radio hall of famer, Bob Kevoian with his writing partner and long time voice artist/ guest Whit Grayson at Bob’s secret home studio.