Take a journey with Becky Kevoian, wife of legendary Bob and Tom host Bob Kevoian, as we discuss how she ended up traveling this great country in an Airstream!  We learn a bit more about the woman behind the “man” Bob!  The lady who has almost 17,000 Twitter followers and loves to tweet!   Her close ties with family, obsession with morel hunting, and of course trips in the June Bug documented in her blog June Bug Journeys!  Throw in Bob and you will also learn the difference between clean, gray, and black water.  (And it’s not just the color!)  Oh and nudie trailer parks!

Find out how the June Bug got it’s name and how Bob and Becky decided to spend much of their retirement in the Airstream trailer.  Settle in for a delightful trip with the Kevoians from inside the June Bug complete with hot coffee and a nice spring breeze!

Becky Standing Inside Junebug Bob and Becky Enjoying Life Outside the Junebug


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