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Not sure why I gave this show the Summer Lovin’ title, except it was a summer night and Britt, Tiffany and I tackled all kinds of topics including love. All kinds of love; self love, royal love (royal wedding), relationship love, fantasy love, you get the idea.

We also discuss dieting and how Britt likes her food “on fire” literally! Have you ever heard of a drama eater? Me either, we learn about that in this episode.

And for some bizarre reason we shared ideas for our own funerals. Other topics I had jotted down in my notes with no other explanations include: Body Holiday in St. Lucia, Handmaids Tale, Fortnite the video game, poison ivy, 4th of July, online dating, movies, and the Thai rescue operation.

I hope we touched on something you have to hear more about! Cheers!

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  • Amy J Rhoton says:

    Hi Kristi, I always love your “Shit with Brit” episodes! You three gals are interesting and I love to listen to your conversations! I am curious if the eating plan you and Tif are doing is Weight Watchers? The way you described it sounds like it. Just wondering, I am a lifetime member and it definitely works!

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