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Shit with Britt 4

Shit Britt Wine

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After a summer of frolicking on the beach in bikinis, they’re back. Well, Britt is back. And, really, we all know her well enough to know she was topless on the beach. And just as you would expect they have some catching up to do. The threesome caught up around the table with a bottle of wine sipped only in yellow plastic cups because they’re classy like that. So, now that both Kristi Lee and Britt are wildly single, they wonder if it’s alright for them to ask a guy out. Have an opinion? And, what about weirdisms? Do you have any? Like any good conversation amongst friends, they dip into some highly relevant ‘mom’ topics they’re currently experiencing with their kids. Some are college-bound soon which is throwing some unexpected curves. But at the end, they just kept the party going. It was Friday night, afterall.

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