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Britt returns to shake things up on Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. We talk about dating and shenanigans of all sort. Take a listen and enjoy the wisdom, or sometimes lack thereof, of Britt “you freshman bitches”.


  • Kim says:

    I am listening to this currently and I totally agree about people being afraid of independent woman. I am a strong, hard working, make myself happy kind of lady and I have been single FOREVER. I don’t get what is so ugly about someone who can care for themselves.

  • Phil Wallace says:

    Love Shit with Britts episodes!!! Get her back some more!!!
    Where can I see a picture of her and Tiffany????

  • Greg Allison says:

    Kristi, I just found out your returning to B&T. GREAT!! I’ve checked out a few of your podcasts and it’s refreshing to hear you not being interrupted & I hope you negotiated it in your new contract. Looking forward to you brightening my mornings.

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