Kristi Lee and Tiffany Stoner talk more Shit with Britt. Not only they do indulge in mid-afternoon Friday wine but Britt makes some bold discoveries that have to do with men and butts.

They covered what it means to have painted white rocks in front of a yard. Is it a myth or could it be a sign you may be living next to a swinger…you may just want to ring the doorbell!

Kristi describes how she gets hit on by young men quite often while Britt thinks only toothless men are interested in her. They agree to a night out shortly in which Kristi can lend Britt some tips on flirting. Perhaps she should wear no undies!

They reminisced about the bad things they did as children, getting caught snooping for Christmas presents. Kristi even declares something she has NEVER admitted on air before.

Better listen in.

Also, while you’re listening to podcasts, take a listen to Chick McGee and Jess with Off The Air and also Dr Will Miller’s show.


  • Jennifer R. Schumacher says:

    Keep up the good work, Kristi! I LOVE listening to your show…I am new to podcasts (yours is the first), but cannot wait to hear the new ones…wish they were more frequent! Good luck….!

  • Joseph Nigrelli says:

    Wrong! We do not sodomize each other. Just like you do not have lesbian sex orgies at sleep overs. That made me laugh out loud.

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