A self proclaimed “gypsy”, Karen is a marvelous Stand up comic, Paranormal Investigator, Tarot Card Reader, and Reiki Master. We talk about all of the above in this weeks podcast. I have never taken so many notes while talking to a guest. From being a cigarette girl in Vegas to stand up stages around the world and knowledge of the paranormal, Karen is simply fascinating. We learn about fairies, guardian angels, paranormal investigations, tarot card readings (mine included), demonology, reincarnation, reiki and more. Her belief in Jesus and why she thinks he hangs with Buddha. Karen also talks about her own podcast which she hosts with comedian Kira Soltanovich. The two read tarot cards for fellow comedians at Karen and Kira Can Read! This is one of my favorite podcasts to date. ENJOY!

To find out more about Karen: karenrontowski.com

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