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Murder? with Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

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A mysterious death connected to the JFK assassination is the subject of a new book by author, attorney, legal analyst and TV personality Mark Shaw. “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” focuses on the career and death of What’s My Line? TV star, celebrated journalist and revered investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen.

When Kilgallen was found dead in her Manhattan apartment in November of 1965 of an alleged drug overdose, no investigation occurred despite a staged death scene and suspicions by those closest to her that she had been murdered. Why murdered? Mark’s book reveals that Dorothy was covering the trial of Jack Ruby and  was the only reporter to actually interview Ruby twice. She also had a source inside the Warren Commission and was convinced that Oswald had not acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Was her search for the truth and the threatened tell-all book she was writing for Random House the motive for murder? Mark Shaw discusses his true crime “whodunit” book with me and the possibility of the case being reopened after 52 years. Dorothy Kilgallen was denied justice following her death. That is, until now!

For more information on Mark Shaw see his website:

For more information on Dorothy and her remarkable career check


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