Joining Kristi Lee on Uniterrupted is full-time stand-up comic, Costaki Economopoulos. Kristi has always considered him a smart persons comic. In fact, she mentions that she feels like she should take a history class before going to see one of his shows. Growing up as a ‘cul-de-sac-kid’, he was a match and chess whiz which then led him to get a Master’s Degree in Political Science. However, stand up comedy was the only thing he really loved.

He has combined his love of comedy with his equal love for fantasy football. In fact, you can catch his Podcast called Quick Snaps on iTunes or you can follow one of his leagues called “Megatrondemopolis.”

He and Kristi share daughters both named Ava. He explains what it is like to raise a child in NYC understanding there are some significant benefits to urban-dwelling. Costaki jokes that all comics should get divorced because then you can book your gigs when you aren’t parenting. He absolutely loves spending time off the road with his Ava.

Oh…and his hidden talent? You will have to listen in.

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