If nothing else, Mike Jacki, is an all-around interesting guy. And, considering he hails from the elite gymnastics world, an ‘all-arounder’ is quite an accomplishment.

Mike was not only the President of the United States Gymnastics Federation (now USA Gymnastics) but he’s had his hand in sports across the spectrum, including X-games and even parkour development. Some would argue this Hall of Famer was instrumental in digging the gymnastics federation out of significant debt to paving the way for what the national programs are today. The U.S. dominates in gymnastics but in the early-90s that was certainly not the case.

Mike‘s hot button for all success in sports is early developmental programs and providing safe environments for kids to progress. Long-time friend, Kristi Lee, and co-host Tiffany Stoner, could talk gymnastics all day but had to limit our time during the podcast. We hope to have Mike on again as Rio is quickly approaching.

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