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Life and Death with Dr. Will and Dr. Sally

Dr Will Miller with Sally Miller and Henry

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Most of you are familiar with therapist, keynote speaker, professor and former stand up comedian Dr. Will Miller. He was the first guest I ever had on my podcast and you may have heard him on one of his many visits to The Bob and Tom Show; However, his wife Dr. Sally Miller is just as engaging and interesting and she joins us today as well.

Sally is a national authority and speaker on coping with a loss. She has written books on the topic, (Mourning & Dancing: A memoir of grief and recovery), made appearances on TV talk shows, and tours extensively discussing a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable. Not Sally; however, she loves to talk about grief and loss and she speaks from the heart.

At 24 she suffered the tragic loss of her husband unexpectedly. She was left a widow with two children under the age of 4. How did she move on? What tools did she learn that may help you deal with a loss?

We also talk about Will and Sally’s belief in the afterlife. Will’s from his near death experience and Sally from an encounter with her first husband Bob after his death. An encounter that happened the day their first grandson, Henry, was born with a serious complication. One that has left Henry with Cerebral Palsy, paralyzed from the the waist down and limited use of one arm.

Now, at 23, Henry is an inspiration to all who meet him. He works for the Purdue Women’s Basketball team as a statistician and is a delight to all of his friends and family. Sally is on a personal crusade to help Henry and others with physical disabilities.

She is spearheading a program to build “Henry’s House” on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.This self-sustaining co-op will be designed so that people with physical challenges yet intellectual abilities would be responsible for their own care. While tenants without disabilities would provide help with simple tasks. The mission is simple give people like Henry the chance to live independently. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN. If you would like more information on “Henry’s House” , find them on Facebook, or check out their Go Fund Me page:

Henry's House PurdueAlso be sure and check out Dr. Will’s podcast at I hope you find this show as special as I do.

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Be Kind!

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