Jay Baker and Whit Grayson have been around Kristi and the Bob and Tom show since the beginning of time, or so it seems. Travel back in time and listen to the stories of how the Love Brothers and many other Bob and Tom favorites were born.

We dig deep into the stories that are too hot for radio and at the end of this live event, you will hear a brand new, never heard before Love Brothers sketch.


  • Matt Fisher says:

    GREAT GREAT AWESOME GREAT. BEST PODCAST YET. I miss those guys so much. I was applauding with crowd at the end while in my semi alone. LOVED IT! Thank you so much for having them on Kristi. Seemed a little like old times. I hope they come back soon.

  • Chris K. says:

    God…. Those two are even funnier than I remember! Thanks to all three of you!

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