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If you are a beer drinker or have just wondered what the fuss is about all the new “craft” beers out there, this show is for you.  We talk to Jerry Connor the co-founder of Bier Brewery In Indianapolis.  Jerry along with his son Darren, the brewmaster, have managed to create quite a stir in the Craft Beer world.

At the recent World Beer Cup awards presented by the Brewer’s Association at the 2016 Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bier Brewery took home TWO Gold medals.  Only one other brewery in the world won two gold medals this year.

Bier Brewery won gold for their Sanitarium, Belgian Style Qaudrupel and for ESB, English Style Extra Special Bitter.  We taste test these beers and more and learn about the different styles and what sets Bier Brewery apart from other craft brewers.

Jerry and his son Darren have only started the company 5 years ago but immediately wowed customers with a variety of true to style, traditional biers.  If you are traveling to the Indianapolis area Bier Brewery is worth a stop.  They are located at 5133 E. 65th St. on the NE side of Indianapolis.  You can also contact them at
So sit back, pour a cold one and let’s talk bier!


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