Comedian Jen Kober, on her recent trip to the Midwest stopped in for a wildly personal visit with Kristi Lee. She talked about her tour, working with Kevin Hart, and her recent appearances on The Mindy Project and Anger Management.

Jen wakes and bakes but unlike most, she gets a lot of shit done. Her weed even gets delivered to her front door in California. Her favorite flavors…Alaskan Thunder Fuck Week and another actually called Charlie Sheen!

She was candid that her life on the road is not conducive to personal relationships but definitely has a clear and distinct type of woman she is attracted to. Dark hair. Dark eyes. And Boobs!

Kristi, always with a kind gesture, brought Jen a half eaten box of her favorite Samoas Girl Scout Cookie.

Listen in for more of this banter between two powerhouse comedians.


  • William says:

    Outstanding show Kristi! Jen Kober is an awesome comedian! Topics are relevant, banter is great! Keep it up!

  • Lisa says:

    I loved and laughed, the banter was fantastic! Jen–just as an FYI–there is still some cookies out there called Carmel Delights 😉 Girl Scouts use two different bakers so depending on what area you are in you either get Carmel Delights (ABC Bakers) OR Samoas (Little Brownie Bakers).

    Off to find more Jen Kober 😉

  • Leila says:

    LOVE your podcasts!!!!

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