Chris Bowers has it all…well he has all he needs which was an important lesson to learn in his 40s. After throwing most of his belongings away in a move, he now owns two pairs of shoes, hasn’t eaten a vegetable or fruit since 1996 and hasn’t been sick in 15 years (of course, that is not including the occasional hang over). According to Chris, he lives a perfectly happy vagabond life.

Kristi Lee calls the owner and dear friend of Morty’s Comedy Club, one-of-a-kind. He not only brings exceptional comedy to Indiana but he is a comic himself, and more importantly a motivation speaker for kids. He encourages kids to be happy with who they are, and realize the skills they can bring to the world. He loves Millennials because they aren’t racist, they aren’t homophobic, and while they might not be as wealthy as their parents, they’ll be happier in the future.

He doesn’t fear anything which is a great lesson for both kids and comics. In fact, he and Kristi discussed the art of getting to the best jokes. The first one you write will be the easy one and get a few laughs but won’t be original. The second joke will be an improvement, but after the third is where originality really sets in.

You can catch Chris and his entourage of comics, along with many famous guests, at his new Morty’s location: 3824 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis.


  • Deb Welch says:

    Kristi, first of all I’d like to say “Welcome back, we have missed you!” I am from Sioux Falls SD, am a 53 year old woman and always enjoyed you on the big show. Although you owe no one an explanation as to why you left the show, I will tell you that it came as quite a shock to many of us who routinely heard you say ‘I can’t quit, I have a mortgage!” We all realize that the character you portrayed on the show and your personal life are two separate things and you deserve your privacy. That being said, I think what bothered me most was that the show just skipped over it like it your leaving was no big deal and nobody would even notice. This made many people speculate what did or did not happen. I wish only the best things for you from here forward. Now, I just listened to all the podcasts that you’ve done so far and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Everyone should have a friend like Brit! I heard you say to Bowers “but I don’t want to talk about me”. I’m curious about whether you feel that way because you want to maintain your privacy or whether you feel like people wouldn’t find it -“you” interesting. I was a late comer to Chicks podcast because I thought he would be like his character on Bob and Tom and it would be sports oriented material. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love his podcast and really miss it when he might miss a week or more. I think his best podcasts have been when he’s been really honest and vulnerable and people have gotten to know him and not the character we’ve all heard over the years. So I guess what I’m trying to say is people really look up to you and want to know you, so share as much of “you” as you want and no more, but also know that you have had a fascinating life so far and have a lot to say and we want to hear it. Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear more!

  • Damon Brogdon says:

    Chris Bower… HILARIOUS!!!

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