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Shit with BrittPodcast

New Year New Britt!

Like most of our Sh*t with Britt shows I never know where they will go. This time it is no different. I supplied the soup, wine and atmosphere and we…
Brad Shoemaker
January 30, 2018
Kristi Lee and Leigh KoechnerPodcast

The Lovely Leigh Koechner

Sometimes life throws people into your path that leave a lasting impression. For me one of those people is Leigh Koechner. We met during an event that she was attending…
Brad Shoemaker
January 9, 2018
Kristi, Britt and TiffanyPodcast

Holiday Britt

Britt, Tiffany and I are back with another fabulous edition of Sh*t with Brit. This episode lands us in Tiffany’s newly renovated kitchen (very jealous) complete with yummy snacks and…
Brad Shoemaker
December 5, 2017