Kristi Lee’s special guest is the now retired radio hall of famer, Bob Kevoian with his writing partner and long time voice artist/ guest Whit Grayson at Bob’s secret home studio.

They reminisce, talk about the future, drinking whiskey and take you behind the scenes of some of you favorite Bob and Tom moments…

You also get to hear some of those on air moments from the Bob and Tom archives.

The interview portion of the show was produced and edited by Bob himself.

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  • Winamac Boiler says:

    Great to hear your voice on the radio again, Kristi. Best of luck to you.

  • mw says:

    loved loved these podcast. Kristi is so funny and the one with britt was just like I was talking with my girl friends.

  • michael becker says:

    best 80 min. I’ve spent this week. thanks Kristi, and best of luck!

  • Floyd Frieszell says:

    Nobody likes a Sandy Dick!!!!!! Lol
    I miss you guys so much ?
    Just can’t listen to the “Tom Show” anymore.
    I’m so glad you are doing a pod cast!!
    Hope to here more from you!!!!

  • Josh says:

    Great job Kristi! Very entertaining!

  • Mike Ouellette says:

    What a great show! Bob and Whit’s stories were awesome. Just listening to Kriti’s and Bob’s voices again really made me smile. In confession, I listen to the Bob & Tom show daily, I started listening to this podcast at 5:30 EST so essentially it preempted the Bob & Tom show, haha. I am listening to the other shows now, keep up the great work Kristi!

  • Melissa Chaney says:

    Love the pod cast Kristi!! It was great to hear your voice again and of fours Bob’s too.

  • Kyle W. says:

    Good stuff. Keep it up.

  • Melinda Antrim says:

    To cool !! Love it! ! So glad you are putting yourselves out there for us !! Thank you !!
    Bob and Kristi, you guys ROCK !

  • Andy says:

    Kristi, one of the best interviews! I have been a fan of all of you guys since the beginning in 1983, I was in High School!

    Andy, from New Castle. You did some advertising for us a few years back I don’t know if you remember the jewelry guy!

  • Woody says:

    Podcast virgin no more! Loved it! So glad to hear you again and I look forward to listening to more shows.

  • dedot says:

    when you left i hoped that you would return to the show. listening now i know you made the right choice. wishing you the best in the future.

  • Scott says:

    I’ve been a b&t subscriber since before the morning breath club days. I like the new Kristi Lee approach quite a bit so much I’d probably subscribe if thst became necessary.

    Very good podcast.

    Thanks v

  • Wes Swisher says:

    Great program!! Good to hear your and Bob’s voices again! I’m looking forward to listening to many more of your podcasts.Listening to B&T these days is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard!!!

  • Mike Parker says:

    Sad that it took my over a year to listen to the podcast but I’m glad I waited as I have many episodes to listen to. This was a great one way to go kristi Lee loved this one it brought back so many great memories for me of driving my transport across the USA listening to you guys.

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