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After 4 years (it seemed like 1), my favorite employee of The Bob and Tom Show has decided to move on. Jeff Vibbert came to us as a kid fresh out of college with a dream. We hear about his aspirations and goals as an up and coming comedian who has taken a detour on that career path. Jeff is now working for ex-punter for the Indianapolis Colts Pat McAfee’s new venture at Barstool Sports. Jeff is a perfect fit for the hilarity and bro buddy of Barstool Heartland. He has already experienced his first trip to NYC along with hosting the online “The Things You Missed” segment of Barstool Heartland. Find how Jeff has landed on a show that is perfect for his talent, relive the famous “Beer Mile” segment, why he hates magicians and more. And don’t forget you can still hear Jeff on his own podcast “The Jeff Vibbert Podcast” and on Chick McGee’s podcast “The Chick McGee Show”.

To find out all you about Jeff check out his website:

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