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Are you miserable at work and think it is the job. Think again!

Dr. Will Miller is back to talk about his new book “Miserable @ Work”.

Ok, maybe you are not miserable. In fact you may enjoy WHAT you are doing but are still depressed and dissatisfied when on the job. Dr. Will Miller has some interesting and surprising reasons why. He also offers way to improve your work experience. As with all conversations with Dr. Will we also veer off into a wide range of other topics like: addiction to social media, stress, spirituality and even near death experiences. And find out the results of an extensive 75 year study on happiness conducted by Harvard University. You might be surprised at what makes most people happy long term. I think listening to Dr. Will Miller is a great start!

To find out more about Dr. Will Miller please go to You can order his book “Miserable @ Work” at

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