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In 1990 you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing “Same Old Look” by Jimmy Ryser. Fast forward to 2017 and Jimmy has changed to Jim and his “look” is anything but the same. The musician, known for other top charting songs like “Rain Came” and who played with John Mellancamp, Tracy Chapman, and Hall and Oates, is now the Director of the Chronic Pain and Chemical Dependence programs at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.

In part one of our interview with Jim, we listen to his music and mainly talk about the early days of his and his “taste of rock n roll success”, which would eventually play into the bigger role his life has taken. We get to that portion of his life in part two as we hope to enlighten and enterain you over these two episodes.

For more info on Jimmy Ryser’s music: Google Jimmy Ryser or check Amazon

To listen to part 2, click here.

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