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Jimmy may be a funny guy but he is happy and content with his life after 25 years with Q95 and the Bob and Tom Show. He now works for the Indianapolis Colts securing sponsors and doing off-season radio. But most of all, he feels blessed with a wife of 30 years and five boys. He enjoys entertaining in his pool house and whiffle ball field.

Jimmy Matis (aka Dog) joins Kristi Lee live at Morty’s Comedy Joint to reminisce about the old days of the Bob and Tom Show, along with the wild and crazy times…road trips, excursions in the Bahamas, singing backup, among many more.

What happens when George Lopez, Chick McGee, and Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Matis hang out in Tijuana? Find out on this live version of Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. If you’re into Bob and Tom history, then you’ll love this show.


  • Mike Ouellette says:

    This podcast is now tied with your first with Bob as my favorite! Mad Dog is a riot, what great stories! Thanks Kristi, keep em coming, I’m always looking forward to your show!

  • Mitch says:

    Great Show Kristi, Love the format…

    Jimmy ( MAD DOG) Matis, Q95 was my favorite station when I was growing up in Indiana, still is today with I-Heart, now have to tune in to your show as well, always enjoyed your presence on the B&T show. Now will be following your podcasts. Great show with the Dawg…… Glad to Hear Bob was in the audience. Miss his great laugh in the mornings. Keep up the good work…


  • Jimmy brought up, Ma Kelley, I loved that band in person! Still have their cassette tape!

  • Tim says:

    Jimmy hosted the stupid human tricks contest at the gold rush night club on franklin rd. And I won putting 10 quarters in my nose, and while I was doing the trick people started throwing quarters at Jimmy some hard, from my perspective it looked like glitter, he stopped the show and told the crowd to stop throwing quarters , he was getting pelted, I picked up 40.00 in quarters what a night!!! LMAO all grown up now

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