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Drew Powell, “Butch” from the hit TV Show “Gotham“, is live with Kristi Lee at Indy Pop Con, a pop culture convention bringing movie, tv, youtube, comic books and more together under one convention.

Drew takes us on the journey of how he landed his role on Gotham, how he got his start in TV and what to expect in season thee of Gotham. We talk about working with Jada Pinkett Smith and Robin Lord Taylor (the Penguin). We also talk about his work on Malcom in the Middle and Bryan Cranston.

We take a look at Drew’s vocal talents and his web series Man Jam. BTW, don’t go to looking for the web series, but do go to if you’re looking to hang with men.

We also talk about Drew’s family, his friendship with Kristi, his hidden talent, and how his Dad’s words have shaped Kristi’s views and her signoff to the podcast.

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