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Excited to share with you a hot new band out of Atlanta NAKD!

This trio features Frontman Nate Davis, Guitarist and Singer Davey Heritier, and the fabulous DJ/Producer DJ Krillz. Speaking for the group Nate Davis shares the origins of their “Soulful Street Pop” sound that combines pop riffs and hooks, passionate Motown-influenced vocals and the energy of EDM.

You will hear a sample of their latest work and we discuss the struggles of making it in the music business today. Nate talks about touring in Europe that may or may not include an interesting “trip” to the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam. There was also a memorable trip to the Playboy Mansion which included a meeting with Hef and more.

Watch for this up and coming band with an incredible live show to come to a town near you. For tour dates and more info follow:

NAKD Music

NAKD Music

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